How Long Do Mini Implants Last?

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Posted: August 3, 2018

If you are considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you have a choice between Mini dental implants can help you be confident in your smile | Montane Dental Caretraditional dental implants and mini dental implants. If you have significant bone loss in your jaw, you may not be a candidate for traditional dental implants unless  you first undergo a bone graft. Mini implants can be a great choice for patients with bone loss who do not want to undergo a bone graft.

Mini implants, because they are much smaller than traditional implants, are slightly less stable. This means that there is a slightly higher chance of failure. However, if you do not grind your teeth and keep your oral health in great condition, the chance of failure even with a mini dental implant is very slim.

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Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

While traditional dental implants are usually considered the best choice, mini dental implants may be better for certain candidates. Benefits of mini dental implants include:

  • No need for a bone graft
  • Suitable for patients with significant bone loss
  • Fewer surgeries required
  • Can be placed in just one appointment

Traditional dental implants require two appointments - one to place the implant, and a second to place the abutment and crown after the implant has integrated with your jawbone. Mini dental implants are one solid piece with the abutment already attached, so they only require one appointment. Plus, you do not need to undergo a bone grafting surgery in order to place a mini implant.

Mini implants are often used to provide a more stable base for dentures or bridges. If you have been wearing adhesive dentures for some time and want a more stable and comfortable solution, mini dental implant supported dentures may be right for you.

Candidates for Mini Dental Implants

The best candidates for mini dental implants are patients who have bone loss in the jaw that prevents placement of a regular dental implant. Ideal candidates for a mini dental implant:

  • Do not smoke
  • Take good care of their teeth
  • Visit the dentist regularly
  • Do not grind their teeth
  • Do not have gum disease

Smoking greatly increases the chance of implant failure, so the best candidates for this procedure are people who do not smoke or who are able to quit. In addition, uncontrolled medical conditions such as diabetes may also raise the chance of implant failure. If you have diabetes or another chronic medical condition, make sure it is well under control and check with your primary physician before deciding to have dental implants placed.

If you are a good candidate, you can look forward to your mini implants lasting for a very long time. Many patients never experience implant failure and enjoy their implants for a lifetime.

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