Adult Orthodontics

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At Montane Dental Care, we want you to feel comfortable every time you smile, with straight, healthy teeth. In addition to producing a lovely smile, straight teeth and an aligned bite improve the overall strength and functionality of your oral condition.

To learn how our highly trained and experienced dentist Dr. Jorge Montane can help you get the perfectly aligned smile you’ve always wanted, please call Montane Dental Care today at 510-795-0444 to schedule a free consultation. Our bilingual staff proudly serves the Fremont, Newark and Union City communities of California.

What Do Braces and Other Orthodontic Treatments Do?

Choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment to correct crooked teeth can be a truly life-changing decision. Following treatment with braces or another adult orthodontic option, you will likely:

  • Enjoy a comfortable, well-aligned bite
  • Clean your teeth more effectively
  • Feel more confident in social and professional interactions
  • Avoid tooth crowding, wear and other problems associated with misalignment
  • Live with the strain or discomfort of TMJ

Today, more and more patients seeking the help of an orthodontist are adults. Whether you’ve never undergone orthodontic treatment or you had braces as a child but your teeth have recently begun to shift, it’s never too late to rejuvenate your smile and start feeling proud of its appearance.

adult woman smiling with dental bracesAt Montane Dental care, we offer a variety of adult orthodontic options: clear ceramic braces and Six Month Smiles. During your free initial consultation with Dr. Montane, he will examine your oral state, explain your treatment options and discuss your goals and concerns in order to recommend the best treatment for your needs and budget.

Six Month Smiles

Dr. Montane proudly offers the Six Month Smiles® system to help you achieve a straight, beautiful smile in just a few months. This short-term orthodontic option is an ideal choice for straightening your teeth quickly, usually in only six months.

Not only is Six Month Smiles fast, it’s discreet. The system is available with tooth-colored wires and clear brackets that are nearly invisible in your mouth. Adults choose Six Month Smiles because they are quick, unnoticeable, effective and affordable, costing less than clear aligner tray therapy, dental veneers and even traditional braces.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are crafted from composite materials to match the color of your teeth, and much less noticeable than conventional metal braces. Not only are the structures of ceramic braces tooth-colored, the arch wires are held to the teeth with colorless rubber bands to make the orthodontics even less discernible.

Caring for your ceramic braces requires diligent brushing and flossing, especially after meals, because bits of food can become lodged in the brackets and wires. It’s also important to avoid certain foods for the duration of your treatment, especially foods that are sticky and/or hard, such as:

  • Chewing gum
  • Hard-crusted bread or pizza
  • Nuts
  • Tough vegetables
  • Candy

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