Meet Dr. Jorge Montane

Cosmetic, General & Implant Dentist Serving Fremont, Newark, Union City & Nearby Bay Area, California

On Being a Dentist

The dental profession has allowed me to help my patients lead healthier, happier lives. In turn, I receive personal and professional satisfaction in knowing I've contributed to a positive change in the lives of people I genuinely care about. Every day I spend caring for amazing people, keeping them out of pain, restoring dental function, and enabling them to smile with confidence. It's rewarding to be in a field where I make a difference.

I've been practicing dentistry since 1983. I joined the profession as my uncle was a highly respected dentist back in our hometown. While growing up, I'd frequently go by his office and watch him work. He was so kind and gentle with his patients, and they all liked him. He always seemed so happy being a dentist, and spoke about the bonds he'd formed with those in his care. I wanted to feel the same way.

There's one commonality among all of my patients: they have, at some level, a fear of seeing the dentist. I love to be able to readily change that mindset, by offering painless care through sedation dentistry. It's truly music to my ears when a patient calls me "No Pain Montane." That's quite a compliment!

My Education and Commitment to Continuing Education

My Doctorate of Dental Surgery was awarded at the Medical College of Virginia. I'm passionate about furthering my knowledge and expanding my skills, in order to provide my patients with the highest quality care, so I pursue continuing education. Some of the courses I've taken have focused on implant placement, bone grafting, cosmetic restorations, pain management, and adult orthodontics.

It's essential I stay abreast of the latest developments in the field: My patients trust me to provide the best care available!

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

I was born on the eastern coast of Cuba and came to this beautiful country, specifically to California, in 1964, fleeing communism. I've lived in Danville since 1988 and love being part of this community. I'm married with three children: a teenage son and two young daughters. My family is a blessing. Every day I come home and am instantly reminded of how fortunate I am.

Dr. Montane and his family

When I'm not working, I love being with my family. We enjoy going to the beach, relaxing in the sand, and watching and listening to the waves. I used to love to mountain bike, but can no longer do so competitively as a result of an auto accident. So now I enjoy taking the little ones to the park, the zoo, and on other outings.

Personally, I'm passionate about the freedom we experience each and every day here in the United States, and I hope my children realize the privileges that freedom brings us. I want my children to really appreciate what they have in this regard.