Teeth Whitening

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Sharing a bright, dazzling smile will not only turn heads, it will do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. If you are self-conscious about a dull or dingy smile, Montane Dental Care can help you achieve the sparkling white teeth you desire with our professional teeth-whitening services.

To schedule a free teeth whitening consultation with experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Jorge Montane, please contact us today online or at 510-795-0444. Our Fremont office welcomes patients from Newark, Union City and other neighboring communities.

KöR Teeth Whitening System

If you suffer from significantly discolored teeth, you already know how stubborn deep stains can be. Conventional teeth whitening options may be able to address some surface discoloration, but they fail to adequately brighten deeply-set stains, especially those that were caused by childhood use of the antibiotic tetracycline. The KöR teeth whitening system offered at Montane Dental Care is an advanced solution to effectively treat a variety unwanted tooth stains, even stubborn, deep-set ones.

smiling woman standing with arms folded in studio galleryCompared to other professional and over-the-counter whitening options, the KöR tooth whitening system provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Less sensitivity related to the whitening process
  • No bleaching or heating light required
  • A deeper, more dramatic whitening
  • The ability to remove deep chemical stains

KöR teeth whitening can significantly brighten teeth that are severely stained, but may not completely address problems beneath the enamel of your teeth. If fluoridation or tetracycline has caused ribboning, Dr. Montane may suggest a more advanced cosmetic treatment such as porcelain veneers.

During your free initial consultation, Dr. Montane will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and fully explain all of your options so that you can determine which treatment best suits your goals, budget and lifestyle.

Take-Home Tooth Whitening Kits

The quickest way to have your teeth whitened is at our office, under the care and supervision of Dr. Montane. However, professional at-home whitening systems can be just as effective.  For take-home whitening kits, Dr. Montane will provide you with custom whitening trays that you can fill with bleaching gel and wear in the comfort of your own home.

We offer both KöR and Opalescence take-home teeth whitening kits. Both systems offer professional-grade, high-quality results that perform much better than drug-store alternatives. During your consultation with Dr. Montane, he will discuss all of your options and help you find the best teeth whitening solution for your needs and budget.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

The cost of your teeth whitening solution depends on which option you choose. The best way to get a clear idea of what your treatment will cost is to meet personally with Dr. Montane. During your consultation, he will help you decide which whitening system is right for you and provide you with an estimate of what you can expect to pay for your treatment.

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