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At Montane Dental Care, we aim to be more than just a place where you go for routine exams and cleanings; we strive to be a dental home for all of your family’s needs.  We value long-lasting relationships with our patients, and understand that good dental habits need to start early. Experienced children’s dentist Dr. Jorge Montane and every member of our team work hard to make children feel especially welcome at our Fremont office. We focus on providing a friendly and stress-free dental experience for our younger patients and their parents.

If you are seeking a children’s dentistry for your family, please contact Montane Dental Care today online or at 510-795-0444 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Montane. Our friendly Fremont office welcomes children from Newark, Union City and nearby areas.

Our Approach to Children’s Dentistry

The early dental experiences your child has will create memories that will last a lifetime. We work hard to ensure these important early experiences at the dentist’s office are positive and will contribute to a life of good dental habits. We know that every child is wonderfully different, which is why we never take a on-size-fits-all approach to children’s dental care. We provide every child with gentle, compassionate and individualized care.

smiling boy and girl carrying school suppliesDr. Montane recommends bringing your son or daughter in for a visit as soon as their first teeth emerge: around 6 months. Once the first tooth comes in, changes take place in your child’s mouth. It’s important to start taking care of every tooth right from the beginning.

These early visits can often benefit the parents as much as the child. Many parents, and especially first-time parents, aren’t sure how to properly care for new teeth. Dr. Montane will explain the best methods for your child’s dental hygiene routine at home and answer all of your questions.

Why Children’s Dentistry Is Important

Some parents think early dental care is unimportant because children will eventually lose their “baby teeth” anyway. However, early dental care establishes a foundation for your child’s relationship with dentistry and oral hygiene that will follow them throughout their lives. When a child gets a cavity in a baby tooth, it can affect the ability to chew or possibly develop into an abscess which can become dangerously infected. Serious infections can have an effect on the development of your little one’s permanent teeth, so it’s important to properly care for and treat baby teeth as part of protecting your child’s overall health and development.

Dr. Montane has more than 30 years of experience and understands how to cultivate positive relationships with children of all ages to ensure dental visits are pleasant and enjoyable and never something to fear.

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

By establishing proper oral hygiene practices at home, you are helping your child avoid dental pain and health issues in the future. An early commitment to preventative care not only promotes healthy dental development, but also leads to exceptional oral health for decades to come.

Athletic Mouthguards for All Sports

For older children involved in sports, we proudly offer mouthguards to help protect their teeth from damage. Mouthguards are designed to help buffer the teeth and mouth from impact, and they can be custom-designed to provide superior protection.

Mouthguards are common in contact sports like football, soccer or basketball. However, dental trauma is also very common in other sports such as track, baseball and cheerleading. Whatever sport your children enjoy, choosing to play with the protection of a mouthguard reduces the risk of injury, pain and costly dental restorations.

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